How does safety in the waste and recycling sector in the United States compare with western Europe?

21ST MARCH 2023



Have you ever wondered how the approaches to waste and recycling safety differ between the US and western Europe?

In western Europe, there are strict laws and regulations governing the management of waste and recycling, including rules regarding the handling, transportation, and disposal of waste materials. Companies must follow strict guidelines to ensure that they are properly managing waste and minimising any negative impact on the environment and public health.

The European Union also sets targets for recycling rates, which has led to increased investment in recycling infrastructure and technologies.

Germany recycled 67.1% of all municipal solid waste in 2020 - the highest recycling rate in the world

In contrast, the United States has less stringent regulations and a more decentralised waste management system.

While there are federal laws governing the disposal of waste, each state and province has its own regulations for waste and recycling, which can vary significantly. This can result in inconsistencies in waste management practices and standards across the continent.

It's important to note that both regions have implemented programs to reduce waste, increase recycling, and improve waste management practices, however, western Europe is generally considered to have higher standards and a more comprehensive approach to waste and recycling safety.

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