Proximity Warning Core

Helping you to prevent collisions between people and machines, and promote safer working behaviours.

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Non-fatal workplace injuries due to being struck by a moving machine in 2020

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021


The average number of days absence for an employee involved in a non-fatal injury

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health, 2020


Fatal injuries occurred in the USA due to “contact with objects and equipment” in 2020

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021

SensorZone. Market-leading proximity warning technology.

SensorZone Proximity Warning Core utilises tag-based proximity warning technology to reduce collisions between people and heavy machinery.

The system places a configurable detection zone around a machine, which triggers an alarm if the zone is breached by a tag-wearing worker. Our unique triple alert system warns the driver, the worker and those in the surrounding area, ensuring shared responsibility for site safety and driving positive behavioural change.

Combined with our cloud-based Insights Platform, we can provide real time information on site safety, allowing the whole company to understand key safety leading indicators and identify areas of risk or potential improvement.

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Unique triple alert technology to ensure everyone involved is alerted to a potential collision.

A SensorZone tag on a lanyard around the neck of a worker


Vibrations from the tag


A combination of external beacons and internal LEDs


Sound alerts on the machine and tag

Consistent coverage, no matter what

SensorZone Proximity Warning Core offers configurable 360 degree coverage for all types of machines.

The tag-based nature of the system also means that it doesn't need line of sight or clear weather conditions to operate, ensuring that workers remain protected in any environment.

The SensorZone tag covered in dust on the ground

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Installation in just one hour

SensorZone Proximity Warning Core prioritises speed and ease of installation - without comprising on quality.

The system takes approximately one hour for someone with basic technical experience to install.

The system is powered by the onboard 12/24V supply and is mounted using magnetic or suction mounts, meaning no permanent modification needs to be made to the machine.

A screenshot of the machine location dashboard from the SensorZone Insights Platform

Bringing you unrivalled insights

SensorZone Insights allows you to see detailed actionable insights for each machine, worker and your site as a whole.

By tracking and monitoring the leading safety indicators, it's possible to identify and remedy issues before an incident occurs.

Discover Insights 2.0
A black and white image of two RCVs unloading rubbish onto a pile.

Forward-thinking health and safety teams choose SensorZone.

SensorZone is deployed and recommended by leading organisations across a range of industries.

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