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Technology to protect lives, from collection through to landfill

We recognise that safety can't be a one-size-fits-all approach, and different stages of the waste journey all have specific requirements.

That's why we have developed an ecosystem of safety products that allow you to choose the best option for your needs - from advanced Al camera detection systems to incident-reducing proximity warning technology - all backed up by a comprehensive online data and analysis dashboard.

Our solutions



Using Al cameras to enhance the situational awareness of vehicle operators.

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PWS Core


Leading SensorZone tag-based proximity warning technology.

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PWS Plus


A comprehensive combination of tag and camera-based proximity warning technology.

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RCV Smart Loader


Technology to stop automated bin lifts from operating when workers are too close.

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Technology for safer waste collection rounds

Serious incidents involving Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), both to workers and to pedestrians near the truck, are unfortunately still far too frequent.

In the United States, the injury rate for waste collection workers in 2022 was 4.7 cases per 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers.

Our dual-pronged approach to improving RCV safety focuses on increasing driver awareness around the vehicle through AI cameras, and on preventing workers from injuries during the bin lift process with our RCV Smart Loader system.

Saving lives in MRFs and Transfer Stations

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Transfer Stations are often dynamic environments with workers and vehicles operating in close proximity - inevitably leading to a raised risk of person to machine incidents.

SensorZone's PWS Plus helps to drastically reduce these incidents through the use of tag and camera-based proximity warning technology.

Already saving lives in large MRFs around the USA, the combined use of Al cameras and tags ensures that there are no blindspots or obstacles preventing people from being protected.

Enhancing safety at high risk landfill sites

Landfill sites can often be dangerous for pedestrian workers - firstly due to the amount of heavy machinery on-site, and secondly because vision can be obscured by high piles of waste.

SensorZone's proximity warning technology is specifically designed to reduce the risk of accidental incidents in exactly these types of conditions, which is why we offer a range of solutions to tailor the technology to your needs.

Backed up by a cloud-based analytics dashboard

‍SensorZone is much more than just the safety hardware that's installed on your vehicles, or given to your personnel.

Each one of our safety products can also come with the SensorZone Insights Platform - a cloud-based dashboard that allows you to see detailed real-time safety data for each vehicle, tag, or camera - and your site as a whole.

By tracking and monitoring the leading safety indicators, it is possible to identify unsafe behaviours and take preventative action before an incident occurs.

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