RCV Smart Loader

Worker protection when operating automatic bin lifts

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Proximity warning technology to improve bin lift safety

There have been several serious incidents involving Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) bin lifts, including a fatality in the United Kingdom in January 2023.

In the United States, the injury rate for waste collection workers in 2022 was 4.7 cases per 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers - a year-on-year increase of 17.5%.

To combat the problem, we've adapted our market-leading proximity warning technology for RCV bin lifts - improving worker safety and behaviours without compromising on the efficency of collection rounds.

How it works

Proximity warning technology creates a zone around the bin(s) in the bin lift at the RCV's rear

All workers are issued with a tag

A display is placed in the cab for the vehicle driver

If a tag-wearing worker is in the detection zone...

Correct loading

Worker not in the zone

  • The alarm is not activated
  • The automatic lift cycle takes place as normal

Incorrect loading

Worker in the zone

  • The alarm activates and the worker tags vibrate
  • The lift is cancelled until there is no tag present in the zone

Why choose the SensorZone RCV Smart Loader?

Based on proven technology configured for this application

Quick to retrofit to your existing fleet or train your engineers to self-install

Easy to train operatives and simple to understand out in the field

Enforces correct operating practices and changes behaviours - reducing risk to your workforce

Minimal impact on completion of collection rounds

Long life tags with no maintenance or recharging required

Optional data package to monitor behavioural change

Changing behaviours whilst maintaining efficiency

During trials on live collection rounds, the system was well received by operators, reduced the risk of injury, and had minimal impact on collections.

In a four-hour collection round, significant improvements in behaviour were made, with operators quickly adjusting their distance to the bins during the lift.

In longer-term use on a five vehicle pilot, the results have shown a 90-98% reduction in entries to the danger zone (compared to pre-intervention data) - demonstrating the clear behavioural change prompted by the Smart Loader technology.

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