Enhancing safety on construction sites through data - the power of analytics and insights

14TH MARCH 2023



Traditional approaches to improving safety on construction sites, such as training programs and safety equipment, don’t always prove effective.

In fact, the number of accidents and injuries on construction sites remains high, with 971 fatal work injuries in the US construction industry reported in 2019 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is where real-time data analytics can make a significant impact. By analysing historical data on safety incidents, companies can identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately obvious. This information can then be used to drive continuous improvement and to make informed decisions about where to focus safety efforts, design and layout of sites, and work processes.

Having access to real-time data allows safety professionals to make immediate assessments on potential safety hazards. This can have a number of benefits, including:

  1. Helping managers to monitor equipment and ensure that it’s functioning properly - minimising the risk of accidents due to equipment failure.
  2. Monitoring compliance with safety regulations and identifying areas where additional training or interventions may be needed to ensure worker safety.
  3. Identifying potential safety hazards and risk areas through alerts and heat maps, allowing staff to take immediate mitigating action

Implementing data analytics on a construction site doesn't need to be a complex and lengthy operation. For example, proximity warning systems can take just one hour to install per machine before they are ready to start gathering data and feeding it to safety dashboards.

By utilising these dashboards to accurately predict potential safety incidents, proximity warning systems can help prevent accidents before they occur.

Using a data-driven approach has the potential to greatly improve the safety of workers in the construction industry. It's time for companies to embrace the power of data and see the safety benefits for themselves.

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