Worker protection using advanced camera technology

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Vision360. The intelligent driver assistance system.

SensorZone Vision360 is a camera-based driver assistance system that enhances the situational awareness of vehicle operators in dynamic environments.

The system uses high definition AI cameras to help operators detect pedestrian workers that have come too close to the vehicle during its operation, allowing them to take preventative action before an incident occurs.

Robust and reliable components designed for maximum performance in all environments


High definition, intelligent pedestrian detection with a range of up to 20 metres.


An in-cab display that allows the operator to see who is near the vehicle.


The hub of the system that stores data and communicates with the cloud platform.

Protection for all kinds of vehicles

The Vision360 camera system is compatible with all kinds of vehicles, and can be tailored to provide either complete 360 or front and rear coverage. Below are examples of how the technology could be used on a selection of common vehicles.

360 degree coverage

A four-camera solution for comprehensive 360 degree coverage.

Suitable for machines including excavators, loaders, dozers, telehandlers and crawler cranes.

Machine in waste recycling facility

front and rear coverage

A two-camera solution for machines where only front and rear coverage is necessary.

Suitable for machines including compactors, trucks, rollers, dumpers and graders.

Excavator working on road infrastructure

Using AI to prevent incidents between people and machines

High quality AI-powered cameras are able to identify pedestrian workers and notify the operator to their presence near the vehicle.

The cameras draw a box around the detected worker, which is coloured differently depending on their distance to the vehicle.

Eliminate blind spots for vehicle operators

When vehicles are being used onsite, operator blindspots are frequently created and danger to surrounding workers is increased.

Vision360's AI cameras eliminate these blind spots by providing full 360 degree coverage around the vehicle for the operator at all times.

A wheel loader with a detection bubble around it, shovelling waste at a recycling facility

Integration with SensorZone Proximity Warning for ultimate on-site safety

In an industry-first, you can upgrade any existing Vision360 system to Proximity Warning Plus and get complete integration with SensorZone proximity warning technology.

This unrivalled combination of tag and camera-based systems gives you a complete picture of your site activity and is a game-changer for on-site safety.

Discover Proximity Warning Plus

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