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A cloud-based dashboard that empowers you to make more informed safety decisions.

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Bringing you the leading indicators for your site in real time

The Insights Platform allows managers to see detailed actionable insights for each machine, tag, and their site as a whole. This enables them to identify and remedy high risk areas, and offer employees additional training if they continually encroach the working zone of a machine.

All data in the Insights Platform comes from the SensorZone proximity warning system and is accessible from any device, anywhere.

A screenshot of a site heat map, taken from the SensorZone Insights Platform

Identify high risk areas using heat maps

Adding your work sites to the SensorZone Insights Platform is as simple as drawing the perimeters on a map.

The heat map will then log every incursion on the site, allowing you to identify the exact areas that have a high volume of incursions and adapt your site layout and practices to improve safety and efficiency.

Detailed incursion insights

See detailed incursion data, including the number of incursions per day, how many tags are active, and how quickly incursions are being acknowledged.

A screenshot of the leading indicators dashboard, taken from the SensorZone Insights Platform
A screenshot of machine sustainability metrics taken from the SensorZone Insights Platform

Safety, efficiency and sustainability

The Insights Platform provides far more than just safety information.

Use metrics such as idle time and active hours to discover how efficiently and sustainably your machines are operating.

Machine tracking and geofencing

The Insights Platform tracks the location of each machine and plots its movements on the map.

You even have the ability to set up site geofences and receive alerts whenever a machines leaves its designated area.

A screenshot of machine tracking history taken from the SensorZone Insights Platform

Connect to your existing software

REST API enables you to stream all data into existing platforms.

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