A worker looking at a machine equipped with SensorZoneA worker looking at a machine equipped with SensorZone

In the moments that count, SensorZone helps protect life

Proven technology to help you prevent worksite collisions and promote a positive safety culture

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Three loaders equipped with SensorZoneA close-up of three loaders equipped with SensorZone

Protection against the constant risk of moving machinery

See how the SensorZone proximity warning system can help to save lives against an ongoing danger

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A SensorZone tag, display and alarm beaconA SensorZone tag, display and alarm beacon

Making sure everyone is alerted to danger

SensorZone's unique triple alert system ensures that the vehicle operator, the person in danger, and the surrounding workers are all alerted.

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Technology to help protect lives in the workplace

Any time a pedestrian approaches a working machine there is the potential for an accident.

The SensorZone system aims to prevent these incidents from occurring - through the use of a tag-based proximity warning system and a comprehensive site safety insights platform.

Sites that have deployed SensorZone
140 million
Working hours protected by SensorZone
Countries around the world
A wheel loader with a detection bubble around it, shovelling waste at a recycling facility

The industry-leading Proximity Warning System, proven to help prevent collisions between people and machines.

The SensorZone system creates a detection zone around machinery and equipment. In the event of a person entering this zone, a unique triple collision alert is activated.

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The SensorZone Insights Platform is a comprehensive cloud-based health and safety dashboard.

The platform provides you with a greater depth of information and context, allowing you to see detailed actionable insights for each machine, worker and your site as a whole.

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A screenshot of the machine location dashboard from the SensorZone Insights Platform

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