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Building safer, more efficient places to work

Our industry leading, innovative SensorZone products provide effective measures to keep people safe, protect investment in vehicles and equipment and drive productivity.

We focus on empowering customers with information that can be used to track and report on safety and efficiency at work, delivering data that provides actionable insights and can be used to support a positive safety culture.

Tackling a worldwide issue

The one thing that underlines everything we do is keeping people safe at work. SensorZone aims to tackle one of the biggest causes of injury and fatalities in the workplace – collisions between people and machines.

The United States health and safety regulator, OSHA, have labelled ‘being struck by’ a machine as one of their Fatal Four causes of workplace injury. These four causes account for over 50% of workplace fatalities across the US every year (Environment, Health and Safety Advisor, 2019).

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Take a look at the history of the SensorZone product since its inception in 2012.

Discover all of the milestone events that have brought us to where we are today!

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Our Values


It is the confidence you have in us to design, build, and provide you with product that is reliable, tried, tested and lasts.


We listen, lead and shape the market and challenge the norm.


We provide an outstanding product, which is backed up by an unsurpassed service that, together, deliver value to you.

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A GKD brand

SensorZone is part of a wider company, GKD Technologies, that has been bringing innovative safety systems to the United Kingdom and beyond since 1992.

GKD provide effective control measures to keep people safe, protect investment in machines and equipment, and help to increase productivity.

By understanding the complex needs of the most highly regulated sectors, GKD have continued to lead on data driven safety solutions for over 30 years.