Proximity Warning Plus

Comprehensive tag and camera-based proximity warning technology

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Complete proximity warning for on-site safety

SensorZone Proximity Warning Plus combines the tag-based technology of Proximity Warning Core and the Vision360 camera detection system to create one comprehensive on-site safety and behavioural change system.

Proximity Warning Plus gives you a full-picture view of safety on your site that no other standalone camera system or proximity warning system comes close to.

How it works


High definition AI cameras are installed onto all vehicles.


Tags are distributed and worn by everyone on site.


The vehicle operator and tag-wearer are alerted when someone enters the detection zone of a vehicle.


Analyse the leading safety indicators for your site in real-time.

Eliminates blind spots in all environments

By using a combination of cameras and tags, blind spots are effectively eliminated from the worksite.

No matter the weather conditions or temperature, the obstacles in your working environment, or if people are working below ground level, Proximity Warning Plus ensures that people will be detected and warned if they come too close to a vehicle.

Get videos on demand for advanced post-event review

Every time someone enters the detection zone of a vehicle, the camera captures a video of the event and ties it to the tag's unique ID number.

It is then synced with the cloud-based Insights Platform, allowing you to check on the safety behaviours of individual system users and giving you a complete picture of any dangerous or near-miss incidents.

A black and white image of two RCVs unloading rubbish onto a pile.

Forward-thinking health and safety teams choose SensorZone.

SensorZone is deployed and recommended by leading organisations across a range of industries.

Enhance your existing systems with third party integration

Proximity Warning Plus is designed to be an open platform that can integrate with third party systems, including health monitoring and driver warning systems.

This means that you can get even more out of your existing safety systems and processes by using them in tandem with our proximity warning technology and our Insights Platform.

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