Proximity Warning

Proven technology to help you prevent worksite collisions and promote a positive safety culture

Market-leading proximity warning for safer worksites

SensorZone proximity warning technology has been deployed in 12 countries around the world and protects thousands of lives on a daily basis.

It comes in two variations - Proximity Warning Core and Proximity Warning Plus - with both options offering a reliable and comprehensive safety solution to help prevent incidents between people and heavy machinery in the workplace.

Proximity Warning Core


SensorZone Proximity Warning Core is a tag-based proximity warning system, proven to reduce collisions between people and heavy machinery.

The system places a configurable detection zone around each machine, which triggers an alarm if the zone is breached by a tag-wearing worker.

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Proximity Warning Plus


Proximity Warning Plus combines the tag-based proximity warning system of Proximity Warning Core and the Vision360 camera detection system to create one comprehensive on-site safety and behavioural change system.

Proximity Warning Plus gives you a full-picture view of safety on your site that no other safety system comes close to.

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Portable Proximity Warning


SensorZone's Portable Proximity Warning is the ideal solution for working environments that are frequently charging, or have a high volume of visiting vehicles.

It maintains complete compatibility with existing Core and Plus systems, or can be used as a standalone set up.

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The SensorZone portable proximity warning system attached to a post