A protective device for every worker

Tags are a key component of the SensorZone system, with each worker on site being required to wear one.

When a tag-wearing worker enters a machine's detection zone, the tag begins to vibrate and the various system alarms are triggered.

They can be worn in a variety of locations, including attached to a hard hat, hi-vis or lanyard.


Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 20mm
Weight: 65g


Requirement: None
Battery: Lithium thionyl chloride battery
Battery life: 3+ years


IP rating: IP67
Temperature: -40c to 85c


Certifications: CE, FCC, UK CA, ACMA RCM
Part number: P3100007

Download the tag information and specification sheet.


No recharging required

Each SensorZone tag is made to last, with a built-in battery that has a lifespan of over 3 years.

What's more, the tags don't need recharging for the duration of their life.

Effective in all conditions

The tag-based system ensures that people remain protected, no matter what you working environment is like.

They don't need direct line of sight, they can't be obscured by large objects, machinery or weather, and they are tested to work in extreme cold and heat.

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