Operator Display

The in-cab display for the machine operator

The display is located in the cab of the machine, within easy reach of the operator.

It provides visual and audible feedback for operators, alerting them when someone enters the machines detection zone.

As an added safety measure, operators are required to press the red 'Acknowledge' button to end any incursion alerts.


Dimensions: 64 x 150 x 70mm
Weight: 260g


Requirement: Powered by Base Station


IP rating: IP54
Temperature: -40c to 85c


Certifications: CE, FCC, UK CA, ACMA RCM
Part number: P1000011

Download the operator display information and specification sheet.


Simple one-button design

The singular button design of the display ensures that it's quick and easy for operators to acknowledge incursions, whilst focusing on the task at hand.

Ensuring everyone is alerted

The display gives out audible and visual alerts for the operator when an incursion occurs, which in combination with their vibrating tag, reduces the chance of them missing an incursion.

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