Base Station

For configuration and data logging

The SensorZone base station generates the configurable detection zones around any vehicle or machine.

It's also the component where data is logged for all activity and incursions into the detection zone - ideal for analysis and driving safety improvements and positively changing safety culture.


Dimensions: 180 x 133 x 80mm
Weight: 880g


Requirement: 12/24v 1A DC
Battery type: 3v lithium coin button


IP rating: IP65
Temperature: -20c to 85c


Frequency: 125KHz, 868 Mhz, 916MHz
Certifications: CE, FCC, UK CA, ACMA RCM
Part number: P2100001

Download the base station information and specification sheet.


Simple WiFi configuration

Each base station contains its own WiFi network, allowing for rapid connection, configuration and downloading of log files.

All data logged and downloadable

Every single incursion, along with its acknowledgement status and the tag involved, is recorded by the SensorZone base station.

This data can be downloaded and analysed to help drive safety improvements on site.

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