Adaptable and flexible to maximise coverage

The antenna is often fixed to the front or back of the machine, and is used to create the detection bubble that forms a key part of the SensorZone proximity warning system.

A second antenna can be added for larger machines (or in applications where distinct zones are required) to ensure coverage is as effective as possible.


Dimensions: 52 x 56 x 235mm
Weight: 460g


Requirement: Connected to Base Station


IP rating: IP67
Temperature: -40c to 85c


Range: 3m - 10m
Magnets: 2 x 75kg magnets
Certifications: CE, FCC, UK CA, ACMA RCM
Part number: OU000298

Download the antenna information and specification sheet.


Flexible fitting options

Don't want to make a permanent installation onto a machine? No problem!

In addition to traditional screw fixings, the antenna can also be fitted using strong magnets. This makes it easy to adjust the position of the component to ensure you're getting detection zone coverage in the right place.

Adjustable zone range

Not every application of SensorZone requires large detection zones, so we've made the size adjustable to anywhere between 3 metres and 10 metres.

This is particularly useful if you're operating on a smaller site and want to keep potential nuisance alarms to a minimum.

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