Alarm Beacon

Alerting everyone to an incursion

The alarm beacon is a visual and audible component that alerts the machine operator and nearby workers that someone has entered the detection zone.

It should be mounted such that it is visible to pedestrians outside of the machine.


Dimensions: 82 x 120 x mm
Weight: 660g


Requirement: Powered by SensorZone Base Station


IP rating: IP67
Temperature: -20c to 85c


Magnets: 75kg magnet
Certifications: CE, FCC, UK CA, ACMA RCM
Part number: P4000013

Download the alarm beacon information and specification sheet.


Adjustable volume levels

Site managers can adjust the alarm volume levels to one that suits their site (minimum levels apply).

A sound that suits you

The alarm beacon contains a choice of 32 different sound options, so you can ensure that there aren't any clashing alarm sounds on your site.

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