Protecting lives in the agriculture and forestry industry

Proven technology to help you prevent collisions and promote a positive safety culture.

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Agriculture and forestry workers are 6 times more likely to be injured at work in comparison to construction workers

Health and Safety Executive, 2020

Technology to protect lives, from collection through to landfill

We recognise safety can't be a one-size-fits-all approach, and different stages of the waste journey all have specific requirements.

That's why we have developed an ecosystem of safety products that allow you to choose the best option for your needs - from advanced Al camera detection systems to incident-reducing proximity warning technology - all backed up by a comprehensive online data and analysis dashboard.

Suitable all kinds of vehicles

In forestry and agricultural applications, where excavators (especially those with long reach booms) are operating close to people, a proximity warning system can be an important part of keeping workers safe and the project moving.

Protection in a high-risk industry

Agriculture has long been one of the most dangerous sectors in Europe and North America, with a high level of accidents involving machines and personnel.

SensorZone can provide an extra layer of safety and protection where machines carrying large loads have limited visibility.

don't just take our word for it...


See how GreenWaste, a leading waste and recycling company in California, are protecting lives with SensorZone and have used incursion data to drive on-site behaviour change.

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A black and white image of two RCVs unloading rubbish onto a pile.

Forward-thinking health and safety teams choose SensorZone.

SensorZone is deployed and recommended by leading organisations across a range of industries.

When every second counts, SensorZone proximity warning provides instant alerts to operators and surrounding workers.

A SensorZone tag on a lanyard around the neck of a worker

Vibrating body worn tag

In-cab alerts

Audible alarm beacon

Featuring innovative Multiband technology

SensorZone proximity warning uses proprietary, highly reliable Multiband communications technology - meaning the system can be used in a wide range of demanding environments.

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