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January 30, 2023

User Access Levels

Currently all user accounts have the access rights to:

  • View all data associated with all Projects and Sites.
  • Invite new users and edit settings associated with existing user accounts.

All existing users and those invited to join the Insights Platform prior to 2nd January 2022 will have and retain these rights by default.  

When inviting users after 2nd January 2023 it will be necessary to specify their access levels, to one of 3 options:  

  • Administrator Rights & Full Data Access. Data access to all sites and projects.  Ability to invite new users, edit access levels, create new sites and modify projects.
  • Full Data Access. Data access to all sites and projects. No ability to invite new users, edit access levels, create new sites and modify projects.
  • Access to Specific Sites & Projects. Data access to defined projects, sites of combination of both.  
  • Providing access to a project or multiple projects, will provide that user account access to all sites associated with that project, if a new site is added to that project, they will automatically be able to view the associated data.  
  • If a Project is selected along with a specific site associated with that project, the user will only have access to that selected site and not all sites associated with the project.  

After 2nd January 2023 we advise that a selected user with an existing account revokes any unnecessary access rights that existing users may not require.  

Machines Page: Machine Archiving

Machines can now be archived via pressing the archive button on the machines page, a pop-up will request confirmation. Data associated with archived machines will not be shown on the Insights Page. Data assosiated with archived machines will not be deleted, an Unarchive feature will be launched in January 2023.  Archived Machines will be hidden on the machines page but can be displayed by toggling the Display Archived Machines option.  

Settings and Account Settings

The Settings page has been renamed Account Settings; this will now be the home for all account settings for the entire customer account. In future updates we will be launching a dedicated User Settings page that allows personalization for each user account.  

Account Settings: Deployment Start Date

Under the Account Settings Page, it is now possible to define a Deployment Start Date, this will allow you to hide all incursion data that occurred prior to this date.  

People Page: Tag Active and Inactive

Tags with no incursions or tag tests in the last 60 days will be classified as inactive and will automatically be hidden from the standard view. To show inactive people please toggle the ‘Display Inactive People’. Please note that a tag being active or inactive has no cost impact on our managed tag service.