SensorZone and Road Care

Improving safety in the Middle East

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Our partnership with Road Care is SensorZone's first in the Middle East region.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand the reach of the SensorZone proximity warning system into a new territory, where we strongly believe that we can make a positive difference to workplace safety.

About Road Care

Road Care was established in 2020 by Fadi Petro, an expert with many years of experience working for some of the top traffic safety companies in the world.

Their aim is to provide solutions to improve safety, reduce accidents and improve the quality of life for workers.

We're delighted to be working with Road Care to expand the reach of SensorZone into the Middle East.

Together, we aim to protect the lives of workers across the region and promote safer working practices across a range of industries."

Dave Bosworth

Business Development Director - SensorZone


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