Rolling out SensorZone across Texas


In what was the first large-scale deployment of a proximity warning system in North America, US construction giant Webber begun rolling out SensorZone across its worksites in Texas in August 2022.

The move follows on from an initial 6 month trial program, where Webber tested out SensorZone on a large highways project.


Given the time difference between Texas and the United Kingdom, it was important that Webber had local support throughout their deployment. This is where Hill & Smith Inc., our distributor of SensorZone in the US, played a vital role in supplying, training and assisting Webber during each step of the rollout.

The total Phase 1 deployment saw Webber install 127 SensorZone systems across 17 sites and 3 regions over a period of 5 months.

The initial plan was for the deployment to take 7 months, however due to the ease of installing the system, and the speed and capabilities of Webber's maintenance team, the rollout was completed much earlier than anticipated.


When Webber initially installed SensorZone across their sites, the size of the detection bubble around each machine was set to the largest possible radius. They quickly found that this wasn't necessary and the alarms were being triggered too frequently.

To solve this issue, we worked alongside Webber to create the Machine Antenna Placement Guide, which details the best place to fit the antenna on each vehicle and the optimum radius range. This is something we now proactively provide to all of our customers for every deployment of the system.

The SensorZone proximity warning system has emerged as a game-changer in our quest for enhanced safety measures.

Jon Thomas

Regional Safety Manager at Webber

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