FIVE advantages of a tag-based proximity warning system

28TH MARCH 2023



Tag-based proximity warning systems are becoming increasingly popular across a range of industries, from construction and mining to waste and recycling.  

Here are five key advantages of these systems:

1. Alerting all parties

Tag-based systems alert the pedestrian worker as well as the machine operator, allowing both parties to take evasive action. This shared responsibility builds a culture of awareness on site, helping to drive behavioural change.

2. Adaptability

The system can be adapted and modified to suit a wide range of industries and specific needs. For example, you may want to set different detection bubble sizes or adjust the volume of the alarms to suit your environment. Indicator lighting and sounders can all be customised to specific use cases as needed.

3. Scalability

It’s important that a safety system can grow with your company, or adapt as your safety needs change. With a tag-based system you can easily add more tags and sensors to cover additional machines and workers, making scalability fast and straightforward.

4. No blind spots

Tag–based proximity warning systems don’t require direct line of sight. This means that the detection bubble around a machine isn’t hindered by buildings or objects, and workers in trenches or below ground level can still be protected.

5. Unaffected by weather/temperature

Tag systems can protect lives in any conditions, from cold and wet environments to the heat of the desert. The operation of these systems also isn’t hindered or obscured by rain, snow, mud or dust.

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